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Jacques-Imo’s Menu

All menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.

    • Appetizers

    • Crabmeat Stuffed Shrimp

      Crabmeat Stuffed Shrimp


      With magnolia sauce

    • Fried Green Tomatoes

      Fried Green Tomatoes


      With shrimp remoulade

    • Fried Grits

      Fried Grits


      With white corn, crawfish, tasso, and feta

    • Shrimp and Alligator Sausage Cheesecake

      Shrimp and Alligator Sausage Cheesecake

    • Special Appetizers

    • Creole Jambalaya

      Creole Jambalaya

    • Deep Fried Roast Beef Po-Boy

      Deep Fried Roast Beef Po-Boy


      With gravy.

    • Duck and Andouille Gumbo

      Duck and Andouille Gumbo

    • Fried Boudin Balls (Arancini Di Rosi) (when available)


      Stuffed with jalapenos and pepper jack cheese, with Creole mustard sauce

    • Fried Calamari


      With spicy brown garlic sauce.

    • Fried Rabbit Tenderloin


      With Creole mustard sauce

    • Garlic Snails


      Over trofie pasta

    • Sauteed Chicken Livers


      In red wine sauce with toast.

    • Sauteed Mussels

      Sauteed Mussels


      With tomato basil broth & mashed potatoes

    • Entrées

      All entrées (including Specials) include house salad and choice of TWO side dishes.

      Mashed Potatoes, Shoestring French Fries, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Red Beans & Rice, Butter Beans & Rice, Corn Macque Chow, Country Greens, Potato Salad, Beets, Coleslaw, or Smothered Cabbage

    • Austin Leslie's Fried Chicken

      Austin Leslie's Fried Chicken


      Dark or mixed $20.95. White meat $21.95

    • Blackened Lamb Sirloin


      With sun-dried tomato mushroom demi glace.

    • Blackened Redfish

      Blackened Redfish


      With crab-chili hollandaise.

    • Cajun Bouillabaisse


      With oysters, shrimp,mussels & assorted fresh fish.

    • Carpet Bagger Steak

      Carpet Bagger Steak


      With poached oysters, carmalized red onions, bleu cheese, & oyster- tasso hollandaise.

    • Chicken Pontalba


      With roasted potatoes, tasso, mushrooms, and Béarnaise.

    • Eggplant Pirogue

      Eggplant Pirogue


      With sautéed shrimp, oysters, fish & lemon cream sauce.

    • Grilled Duck Breast

      Grilled Duck Breast


      With orange-soy glaze, shiitake mushrooms and pecans.

    • Grilled Redfish


      With quinoa, kale, wild mushrooms, and Provencal broth.

    • Mushroom Stuffed Salmon


      With Spinach, Mushrooms, and ginger on a bed of black beans & ginger cream sauce.

    • New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp


      over rice

    • Shrimp Creole


      Over rice.

    • Shrimp Etouffee


      Over rice.

    • Smothered Chicken


      stewed dark meat with jalapeno cheddar buscuit

    • Stuffed Catfish


      With crabmeat dressing and hollandaise

    • Vegetarian Delight


      Acorn squash stuffed with curried vegetables and black beans

    • Special Entrées

    • "Hermitage Farm"Stuffed Pork Chop


      With ground beef, shrimp, mushrooms, and gravy.

    • "Kimichi" inspired Gulf Fish


      with shellfish medley & wilted greens

    • Country-Fried Venison


      With peppery mushroom pan gravy.

    • Crawfish Etouffee


      Over rice.

    • Grilled Grouper


      With Crabmeat Imperial.

    • Mahi Mahi


      with grilled shrimp, asparagus, and pistachio sauce

    • Pan Fried Drum

      Pan Fried Drum


      With pecan meuniere.

    • Paneed Rabbit

      Paneed Rabbit


      Over shrimp and tasso pasta.

    • Potato Crusted Drum


      With caper beurre blanc.

    • Rack of Lamb

      Rack of Lamb


      With Creole mustard sauce & red flannel hash.